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Foam Massage (Köpük masajı) This massage is for relaxing the muscles and for curring muscle stiffness and relieving cramps due to stress and exposure to wind. It is a process for removing the dead skin cells off with 'Kese' in Hamam, without any pain. The scrub (Kese) will purify your skin and you will feel your skin breathe. The "kese" (keh-seh), that rough cloth mitt carried in the soap case, not only scoured the dirt out of the pores, but served to deliver a bracing massage. The soaping web, on the other hand, was specially woven out of hair or plant fibers. ''Then you will get a soap massage. Masseuse willcover you head to toe with rich white frothy bubbles, using a cloth bag . Then will massage all over your body with a gentle pressure on your bones. “You will have eased muscles you never knew you had. You will love it. It is heaven! ''
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Foam Massage
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Kurna & Hamam tasi (Water basin & Hamam Bowl) Kurna is the marble basin for taking a bath. Not like regular basins, kurna doesn’t have any drainer at the bottom. The water run over the highest level of kurna. With help of Hamam Tasi (Hamam Bowl), you can take a bath from getting the water from kurna. This method is the traditional way to get a bath. Expericing this activity while resting on hot marble slabs will give you an unforgettable memory. * Please contact with us for kurna choices.
Hamam Bowl&Kurna
Using Marble Tiles in Hamams It is a tradition to use marble in hamams. Using marble tiles in hammam is a must. Marmara marble has been using in hamams by architects over years. But nowadays, according to technological developments and proliferation of options, our company has started to use different kind of marbles in hamams. You can visit our tile galery to see the colour options. Marble Tile & Slabs Gallery
Marmara Marble