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Hamam Faucet Hamam   faucets   are   serving   hot   and   cold   baths for    each    kurna,    which    take    place    in    each hamam   projects   with   its   traditional   look.   There are    some    different    model    choices    for    this product.     (1/2     or     3/4 pipe       income)       Our design    team    will    offer the   best   faucet   for   your project.     Maximum     input water   temperature   90°C,   the   recommended   input water   temperature   is   60°C.   Please   contact   with   us for more information.
Kurna Back Decore
Kurna Back Decore
Hamam or Spa Decores Floor    or    wall    decores    items    to enrich   entrance,   resting   area   or   a hamam   or   any   living   area.   It   can   be a   wall   picture   with   a   frame,   or   a floor    mosaic    or    a    waterjet    cut marble   slab   or   columns   with   arches. The   whole   spa   can   be      exercised   by our   design   team.   It   is   important   to use   the   decorative   element   in   the perfect    place.    Gates,    corridors    or corners   could   be   improved   by   our elements.    Please    visit    our    project page for more photos.
Decorative Columns
Wall Decores
Floor Decores
Hamam & Spa Doors Glass   or   wooden   doors   can be    used    for    Spa    projects. The   doors   should   have   high resistance    to    moisture    and temperature.       The       door handle   should   easly   can   be used    by    visiters    on    high temperatures.   Custom   made design   can   be   used   on   both surfaces.
Corner Design
Glass Door
Hamam Doors