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Design Process 6-Production and Packaging Each   piece   in   projects   has   a   code   on   project   and also   on   itself,   and   packing   lists   are   made   by   our team   by   room   names.   We   have   many   different technics     to     make     a     package     for     hamam products.    The    products    are    put    into    wooden crates   and   each   crates   has   a   packing   list   on   it. Lists   are   very   helpful   in   construction   site   to   give the   fast   service.   Wooden   crates   are   loaded   into trucks or a container by experience team. 7-Montage After   our   products   arrive   to   construction   site, our    staff    reach    into    the    construction    site.    If everything     is     ready,     our     staff     can     start installation.   After   marble   product   montage,   we test   all   elements   in   the   space   and   now   its   ready to    start    the    ceiling.    The    ceiling    and    lighting could be done after marble products installation. 8-Ventilation and air conditioning In   traditional   Turkish   bath   (hamam)   there   are some   windows   or   air   canals   to   exhaust   the   air   at the   end   of   the   day   and   it   can   be   use   to   get   the fresh   air   inside   the   space   in   beginning   of   the day.   But   in   modern   hamams   there   should   be   an ventilation   (exhaust   and   incoming   heated   fresh air).    Fresh    air    income    and    an    easy    exhaust should be considered.
Air Conditioning Plan
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