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Design Process 4-Project improvements Architectural Drawings & Production Drafts After agreement between two companies, our architects start work on drawings (if we have a certain architectural survey). After finishing architectural drawings (plans, sections, elevations and details, etc...), we start production in our factory in Bilecik and workshop in Istanbul. While our production continues we send our cement plans, electrical and water plumping plans with installation projects. The work site will be ready for marble products. 5- Heating Hamam heating is an important point for hamam projects. The heating should be under the marble covers and seats and each local point has a certain temperature points to reach. For example a heated marble slab in the middle (gobektasi) will be between 40-45 degreeC. There are two way to get a hamam heated. One solutions is electrical wiring and the other is hot water pipes connected to a boiler. These two ways are the most widely-used technics for our projects. In addition to ground heating,heated air can be flown into the space. Please read more for ground heating
Architectural Plans & Details
Production Drafting
Hamam Heating
Ground Heating in Construction Site
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